Digital Nomads-in-Residence. By Saltwater Nomads

Central Istria | 7 – 14 December 2022

Join us to co-create a blueprint for remote work in a rural region of Croatia with leading voices in the #FutureofWork and #FutureofTourism.

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About Digital Nomads-in-Residence (DN-I-R)

DN-I-R is an award winning program first held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2021. In 2022, the program travels to Central Istria, a rural region in Croatia – a hidden gem for #foodies, #hikers and those seeking a destination for #deepwork. 

The program brings together a group of remote professionals (aka digital nomads) to co-create a strategy for destinations who wish to embark upon or enhance their tourism offer for remote workers.


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Panels & Presenters

Join us virtually in Central Istria or from anywhere in the world. Presentations include place-making strategy, food and tourism storytelling and case studies and intentional nomadism.

Our global panelists will discuss remote work in rural areas and off-season tourism.

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Co-Creation Workshops

The program workshops have a Future of Work and Future of Tourism focus and are led by expert facilitators. DN-I-Rs are joined by members of the local community. In 2022, we will produce a blueprint with an action plan for Central Istria. A guest facilitator will join the program with a workation pilot. DN-I-Rs also hold personal and professional workshops in the co-living villa.

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  A Lived Experience

Our DN-I-Rs are in a popup co-living space in a large villa in the Central Istrian countryside. The municipality of Tinjan have opened up the doors of their Old School Villa (literally, the old school). DN-I-Rs will visit local smallholder farms and traditional ‘konobas’ for the month’s gourmet program, enjoy zipline over Pazin caves, a jeep safari, wine tastings and meet members of the local community during their stay. 

Full Program


The 7 Day program takes place in Central Istria, with in-person workshops and excursions. Follow along online for a select number of presentations and panels. Virtual sessions will be streamed live on the Digital Nomad Association (DNA) Croatia LinkedIn, Saltwater Nomads YouTube and Central Istria Facebook page.


7 December:

  • 12:00 – Presentation: Intentional Nomadism with Mita Carriman of Adventurely (In Person Only)
  • 12:20 – Presentation: Nomad Stays
  • 12:40 – Presentation: DNA Croatia
  • 12:45 – Panel 1 Rural and Off-Season Nomadism:
    • Lucijana Jerkovic, Croatian National Tourist Board
    • Mita Carriman, Adventurely
    • Mark Philips, Nomad Stays
    • Jan de Jong, DNA Croatia
    • Moderator: Jess Romano, Oyster
  • 13:00 – Panel 2 Meet the DN-I-Rs
    • Meet the DN-I-Rs with Q&A. Ends 13:30.
  • 17:00 – Presentation: Placemaking with Jenni Carbins of Mark London

8 December:

10:00 – 12:00 Workation Pilot Workshop 1 – delivered by Claudia Pucic

9 December:

  • 10:00 Destination Management Scotland Case Study: Yvonne Wagoun of White Stag Tourism
  • 10:20 (Virtual) Scotland Food & Drink Ambassador Jemma Reid
  • 10:40 (Virtual) Food Storytelling with Emma Bickley of Photo Before We Eat
  • 12:00 Press Conference, Tinjan
  • 14:00 Jeep Safari
  • 18:00 Villa Dinner (invitation only)

10 December:

    • 10:00 ZipLine
    • 12:00 Wine Tasting
    • 18:00 Welcome Dinner, Konoba Doma, Sveti Petar u Šumi (RSVP essential)
  • 11 December:

      • Free Day – or – Netwalking Hike and Wine Tasting

12 December:

    • 9:00 DN-I-R Workshop 1, House of Sausage, Sveti Petar U Šumi

13 December:

    • 9:00 DN-I-R Workshop 2, House of Prusciutto, Tinjan
    • 16:00 Workation Workshop 2
    • 18:00 Closing Dinner, Gračišće



DATE & TIMEPresentation: Nomad Stays
7 December 
12:00Intentional Nomadism with Mita Carriman of Adventurely (Limited Spots)
12:30Mark Phillips of Nomad Stays
12:45Panel 1 Rural and Off-Season Nomadism:
 Lucijana Jerkovic, Croatian National Tourist Board
 Mita Carriman, Adventurely
 Mark Philips, Nomad Stays
 Jan de Jong, DNA Croatia
 Moderator: Jess Romano, Oyster
13:00Panel 2 Meet the DN-I-Rs:
 Join our Digital Nomads-in-Residence. With live Q&A. (1 hour)
 Moderator: Han Talbot
17:00Presentation: Placemaking with Jenni Carbins of Mark London
8 December 
10:00Workation Pilot Workshop 1 - delivered by Claudia Pucic (2 hours)
9 December 
10:00Destination Management Scotland Case Study: Yvonne Wagoun of White Stag Tourism
10:20(Virtual) Scotland Food & Drink Ambassador Jemma Reid
10:40(Virtual) Food Storytelling with Emma Bickley of Photo Before We Eat
12:00Press Conference, Tinjan
14:00Jeep Safari
18:00Villa Dinner (invitation only)
10 December 
12:00Wine Tasting
18:00Welcome Dinner, Konoba Doma, Sveti Petar u Šumi (RSVP essential)
11 December 
 Free Day - or - Netwalking Hike and Wine Tasting
12 December 
09:00DN-I-R Workshop 1, House of Sausage, Sveti Petar U Šumi
17:00Happy Hour - Open to public (1 hour)
13 December: 
09:00DN-I-R Workshop 2, House of Prusciutto, Tinjan
16:00Workation Workshop 2 (2 hours)
18:00Closing Dinner, Gračišće

Meet Our Speakers and Digital Nomads

Jenni Carbins, Australia/UK, founded
specialist placemaking agency Mark
London in 2013, to focus on sustainable
urban regeneration by delivering innovative
social and commercial solutions to
showcase the best version of a place’s
identity. Site specific activation may include
meanwhile uses, culture, art & design,
leisure, community & education, science,
tech & innovation, sport, health & wellbeing
and sustainability. Jenni was part of the program team in the first DN-I-R in Dubrovnik in 2021.

Mita Carriman

7 December — 12:00 CET (DN-I-R private presentation) and 12:45 CET Panelist

Mita Carriman

Presenter: Intentional Nomadism and Panelist.


Mita Carriman is Founder & CEO of Adventurely (backed by Backstage Capital & Google for Startups): a company on a mission to connect digital nomads to each other & their new local communities with thoughtfulness around sustainability & local impact in mind.

Originally an Entertainment & IP attorney from New York City- Mita spent 5 years traveling the world as a full time digital nomad while working remotely across 15 countries, 26 cities & 50+ Airbnb’s. It was through her experiences as a digital nomad that she was left compelled with inspiration as an Entrepreneur to build products & services to serve the digital nomad space.

Mita firmly believes that the future of work is inextricably tied to the future of travel and she is a remote work advocate.

Jess Romano Digital Nomad

7 December — 12:45 CET

Jess Romano

Panel Moderator.

Jess has over a dozen years of strategy, partnerships, business development, and commercial management experience. Her functional expertise includes launching new products and services, building durable partnerships with clients and vendors, and advocating company missions. Jess’s subject matter expertise include global employment (HR Tech) & remote work, fintech and banking ecosystem, data infrastructure, APIs, collaboration platforms & payments. She has held high-impact positions at growth-stage fintech startups (Series A-D, $1-13B+) as well as large-scale finance and technology firms.

Today, Jess is the Director of Partnerships & Strategy at Oyster, the global employment platform enabling clients everywhere to hire talent anywhere. She was recently featured by the New York Times for evolving her career & lifestyle during the shift from in-office to remote work.

Jess holds a BSc in Global Management, Finance and Marketing from Binghamton University

in New York and studied Spanish Language and Literature at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spain. She lived in New York City and San Francisco prior to relocating to Europe in 2020. Jess has a passion for culture and meeting new people and has visited more than 55 countries in the last 15 years. In 2018, she backpacked throughout Asia and launched a travel blog, Tales Traversed. She enjoys getting involved with local communities through volunteering, and other interests include hospitality, health & wellness, cooking, writing, and photography.


DN-I-R Jenni Carbins

7 December — 17:00 CET

Jenni Carbins

Presenter: place-making strategy.

Jemma Reid DN-I-R presenter

9 December — 10:20 CET

Jemma Reid

Scotland Food & Drink Ambassador

Emma Bickley - Photo Before We Eat - DNIR

9 December — 10:40 CET

Emma Bickley

Photo Before We Eat

Former law graduate turned food creative, Emma tells food stories. Through her photography and writing she spotlights the vibrant life of each edible morsel – and the people behind it. Her business, Photo Before We Eat, manages social media, marketing, recipe development, PR and events for food and drink based businesses. She’s also a radio broadcaster asking all kinds of questions… that usually turn to food. Her passion is capturing the food journeys of those around her and she’s a little food obsessed to say the least.


Storytelling for Business: The untapped potential of regional food and drink

Many small businesses aren’t even aware they have a story to tell, let alone how it can become the foundation of a recognisable brand and a profitable business. Drawing out the story in the overworked business owner and using it to entice the potential consumer, is an increasingly important role in the food and drink space. This is evidenced particularly in regional areas where marketing can be overshadowed by the operational needs of a business and innovative ideas can spell a new way forward. Creativity has room to flourish as every product, every location and ever person truly has a story to tell.


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